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Emergency Service

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Geothermal Heating and Cooling Systems

Geothermal HVAC System Installations for Northern Kentucky

Use the Earth to Heat and Cool Your Home

You could spend less to heat and cool your home.

When you use a geothermal HVAC system, you harness the energy and insulation of the Earth’s crust to keep your home at the perfect temperature year-round.

Geothermal energy can help you save up to 70% on your energy bills. What’s more, tax credits are available in both Kentucky and Ohio for installing energy-efficient HVAC Sytems in your home. Your new unit will pay for itself in no time.

Why Geothermal Energy?

Most HVAC systems are more expensive to run the more extreme the temperature is because your system has to work extra hard to get the temperatures to where they should be.

Geothermal HVAC systems, on the other hand, have mostly consistent energy expenditures no matter how hot or cold it is outside. Consider this:

  • Common efficiencies for cold winter nights are 300-600%, compared with only 175-250% for many standard air heat pumps

Installation, Maintenance, and Warranty

Steve’s Heating handles the distribution and installation of Trane geothermal energy systems.

We also have the best 3-part warranty in the industry, which includes:

  • A lifetime workmanship guarantee on all geothermal heating or cooling systems that we install
  • A 50 year warranty on all ground loops
  • A 10 year warranty on all parts and labor (with annual Comfort Club Membership)

“Steve’s did the original installation in my condo and has continued to service it for 14 years until I purchased this new system. Steve’s personnel are excellent and very courteous.”

The Fergus family in Florence

Trane Featured System

Trane offers the ultimate in performance with an EER surpassing 40 and a COP of more than 5. Utilizing a true variable-capacity compressor and variable-speed blower with a fully communicating control package, this geothermal heating and cooling system offers comfort and efficiency at the highest level possible.


Trane EnviroWise™ VS Series Geothermal Heat Pumps offer homeowners the ultimate in comfort and performance with the highest efficiency (above 40 EER and 5.3 COP) available today. In fact, a geothermal furnace offers 30 percent higher efficiency than two-stage geothermal heat pumps.

Energy Savings

Trane EnviroWise™ Geothermal Heating Systems can return up to four dollars of heat for every one dollar of electricity used, in part because they use renewable heat from deep inside the earth, a virtually limitless supply of energy.

Reliable Comfort

The VS Series incorporates the latest technologies in variable-speed compressors and motors, variable-speed loop pumps, and an advanced control system that includes energy monitoring, full diagnostic capability, and a dedicated communicating color touchscreen control. The VS Series is for those who accept only the best, and our Trane dealers have been trained to install this variable-speed geothermal system with the highest standards.

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Steve’s Heating and Cooling has been servicing heating and cooling systems in Northern Kentucky since 1975. We service all major brands and most types of systems. Contact us today for a no-cost, in-home consultation by calling (859)795-4469 or emailing

Financing Available

We offer financing with credit approval on all products through Wells Fargo.