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Well much to all of our surprise Thanksgiving is right around the corner. I can remember growing up and right before we would pray over our food we would announce to all of our family what we are thankful for. I’m sure you could guess what was said, “I’m thankful for my family”, “I’m thankful for food”, “I’m thankful for my friends”, “I’m thankful for my FURNACE!!” O.K. I admit I made that last one up! Let’s think about it for a minute, we have a hero of the home that never gets acknowledged, yep your FURNACE. If you live in the Northern Kentucky greater Cincinnati area your furnace is working real hard to keep you home as comfortable as possible. Here at Steve’s we specialize in Northern Kentucky furnace installation and furnace repair and we have been doing that since 1975. We offer top notch furnace repair of all major brands and also specialize in furnace replacement. This holiday season give your furnace some thanks and show it some love by calling Steve’s for a furnace maintenance. Learn more on our site. God bless and Happy Thanksgiving from all of us at Steve’s!