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Emergency Service

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To Customer Satisfaction

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There for You and Yours

Air Conditioners

Air Conditioning Installations for Northern Kentucky

Utilizing TruComfort™ Variable Speed Air Conditioners

Most air conditioners waste money by the minute.

No, seriously. Most air conditioners have two speeds: full blast or off. Imagine if your car could only run at full speed or not at all.

When an air conditioner runs at full blast or stops completely, your home is subject to frequent peaks and valleys of heat and coolness. Not to mention all the money you waste.

That’s why we offer air conditioners with TruComfort™ variable speed technology, which changes the operating speed of the fan depending on the weather and the temperature outside—your air conditioner will never work harder than it needs to again.

Single Speed vs. Variable Speed

Despite a lower upfront cost, single speed air conditioners are inferior to variable speed air conditioners for two main reasons:

  • They cycle on and off more frequently, costing more in electricity over the lifetime of the system
  • They do not cool a home nearly as precisely as variable speed

We offer installations for both kinds but believe the variable speed to be superior.

Installation, Maintenance, and Warranty

Steve’s Heating handles the distribution and installation of Trane air conditioners.

We also have the best warranty in the industry, which includes:

“As far as Florence HVAC goes, Steve’s Heating & Cooling is one of the BEST service companies I have ever worked with! They were professional, and their follow up was great. I will highly recommend them to my friends and neighbors!”

The Hale family in Florence

Featured System: Trane XV18 Variable Speed

The XV18 Variable Speed Air Conditioner is an industry-leading system in both efficiency and comfort.

Efficient and Smart

The XV18 knows exactly how long it needs to run to get your home at the perfect temperate. Pair that with the cooling efficiency of up to 22 SEER and you get a machine that stretches every dollar for maximum cooling.


With ComfortLink™ II technology, your XV18 will work together with your thermostat to deliver the best performance possible.


The XV18 was built to be as quiet as possible, with a fan that runs 4dB below our competitor’s minimum.

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Financing Available

We offer financing with credit approval on all products through Wells Fargo.